Title: Insomnia Festival 2010

Date: March 18, 2010

Author: info

Directed by

Kim Holm & Christian Ruud

Produced by

Toxic online

Concept & Development

Christian Ruud, Kim Holm, Christian Lundvall, Lars Hauge Hoel

Concept Design

Christian Ruud
[column split]

Editing, Grading & Compositing

Kim Holm

Music & Sound Design

Kim M. Jensen

Design & Animation

Christian Lundvall, Kim Holm, Christian Ruud, Lars Hauge Hoel


Christian Ruud, Lars Hauge Hoel, Frode Ekeberg
[column split]

Lighting, Shading & Rendering

Christian Lundvall


Lars Hauge Hoel


Michael Markusson

Big thanks to Tank Tromsø

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